Smartwatch Clock
In the first semester we had to create a experimental clock for a smartwatch. The clock had to be in 3 different types of art-styles: Op-Art, De Stijl, Concrete Art. We should use Processing to realize it.
When creating the Concrete Art clock I wanted to focus on color. I divided the day in 4 sections. Every part of the day has its individual colors. The thickness of the blocks symbolizes the minute and the circles moving every second.
The De Stijl Clock was the one that needed intense planing beforehand. The most challenging part was the transition from each number to the next.
The Op-Art clock is the only one created in an 3D enviroment. This was necessary to get this illusion of blocks popping right into your viewing area. I created 8 rows of 6 blocks each, which is 48 blocks in total. So every hour this construct gets 2 more blocks. The pulsating illusion symbolizes the seconds and every minute the background changes.
Prof. Daniel Rothaug
#watch   #experimental   #art

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3